Rhymes for a Broken Heart

Little did I know
That you had no soul.
You lifted me up
And then let me go.
Things seemed just fine
In your round, green eyes
Yet all this time
You were telling me lies.
Where have you gone?
Did you learn how to fly?
Did you open your wings
And take to the sky?
I don’t know how
And I don’t know why
But yesterday you loved me
Now you’re saying goodbye.


I missed you again today
While the sun shone through
The trees that waved me so long

Fire rose through me while your
High tide lowered too fast for
Me to follow

Dust engulfed the despair
I so desperately wanted to feel.
Wishing nothing was real

Silent terror stared back at me
As lucifer choked my stomach
And bound my wrists

A kiss on my lips rose me
From within the cage you placed me.
Forever now I shall be at peace.


“Isn’t it so romantic”, he said through the exhaust of a chewed cigarette 
and things he used to believe in.

“How we kill ourselves for things that don’t matter, and do our damnedest to ignore the people trying to save us.”

A prophetic halo of smoke wreathing about his head, coiling around his neck as he breathed it in with eyes closed, the smoke full of things he’s said stream right into his nostrils.

“I’m burning, burning away my life as I hold it, but it sends a message, it says something. Isn’t that worth it?”

Saddest Part of All

Your words can no longer
Swoon me.
The melodies you speak
No longer encircle my heart
And make me want to fly away
And meet you on top of
Everest, I heard it’s beautiful there.
And your eyes,
Well shit they still capture my thoughts
And your smile too beckons me
Away from any and all actions
Because as much as I try,
I can’t fall out of love with you
And that’s the saddest part of all.


I’m so sorry I’m the way I am.
I’m sorry that I push everyone away.
I’m sorry that I don’t say much.
I’m sorry that I’m so difficult to figure out.
Too complicated for people to stay around.
Maybe that’s why everyone ends up leaving me.
It has to be me.
I’m just sorry, I don’t know why I’m like this, honestly.
And I don’t know how to change it.
I’m sorry that I’m constantly biting my nails, and my hair’s uncombed.
I’m sorry that when you talk I’m just silent.
Maybe I’m too caught up.
It’s just beautiful, when you speak.
You know.
I get lost in your words and eyes.
The way your body helps articulate what you’re saying.
Or maybe it’s just whenever you say something.
You run your fingers through your hair.
I love listening, I’d much rather listen than talk.
It probably seems like I don’t care.
But maybe I care too much.
I’m so lost, I forget to speak.
But trust me, there’s so much I want to say.
Maybe, hopefully, I’ll share it with you.
So please don’t leave me.
Talk some more, I want to hear.
I’m sorry again.
For tripping over everything when we walk.
I’m just so lost.
Maybe a tree caught my eye, or a bird, Maybe it’s the way that building is shaped.
Hell, it’s probably everything.
Life’s just lonely.
I don’t know how to express that to you, or anyone in fact.
But, I’m so sorry. I don’t want to be weird.
My silence is speaking to you.
You probably don’t understand that.
Just don’t leave me.
I can be beautiful, I promise.
So don’t leave me, talk some more.
I’m listening.


It’s not what you say
Or how you say it
It’s the meaning
Behind the words spoken
I could say I love you
In the sweetest way
But that isn’t what makes
Your heart moan
It’s the knowledge
Of where those words come
From a heart so big
You can’t help but know
I love only you