Will You Love Me Tomorrow

I love you
Silence then a question
Will you love me tomorrow?
Understand the question is worthy
For there is no such thing a love is and love was
Love is always constant
So if you wake in the morning and feel differently
Then you never knew love
So I ask you
Will you love me tomorrow?

What is love?
Love is different
There is brotherly, unconditional, and love in the passion
But love is constant
You may hate a person but you can still love
So I ask you
Will you love me tomorrow?

People can change
But does your perception?
Love is always constant
People divorce, but they never knew love
People may like, but that’s in the moment
So as we sit here I ask you
Will you love me tomorrow?

I can’t make you love me
But I can always try
Since love is constant
The day you answer yes
I will never ask again
Because I know you will love me tomorrow

As I might appear

I am not as much
As I might appear
To be

I am just one person
Living my life
Being me

I do not know as much
As I might appear
To know

My mind wanders
And often forgets
Many things

I do not love as much
As I might appear
To love

My affection runs
Far more shallow
Than this

I do hold as much
As I might appear
To hold

Heavy breaths, fragile bones
Heart beating fast
I still live


I wish that the butterflies from hell who reside in my chest would pay rent.
They are the worst tenants, always fluttering about aimlessly at the drop of a hat.
If they would just calm down a bit it would be great because they’re upsetting the neighbors, and I have to deal with the complaints.
They always have late night parties when I’m trying to sleep and it’s becoming a bit much.
I’d evict them, but it would be a waste of time; they have no respect for my authority.

Maybe I’ll send them a passive-aggressive letter.

I Don’t Think

I don’t think I can love you.
Because love it utterly entagled in brokenness, and I’m still leaving pieces of me I forget in the sheets.

I don’t think I’m ready to love you. Because I know that’s a kind of hurt
detonated under my skin. I’ve got a list hanging against my wall of reasons to keep living and already I’m scared one day it’s not going to work.

I don’t think I know how to love you.
Because you’re going to make me feel a kind of happiness I don’t know how to take, and it’ll leave when you lock the door behind you.

To be honest, I haven’t practiced my smile for quite some time.

Broken Pieces

Fuck this feeling
Of his arms around me
Those soft lips
Colliding with mine
Turing my brain into mush
Unable to breathe
His alluring eyes
Starring right through me
Does he know?
The effects of his poison
Is slowing driving me
Into submission
Heart beat accelerating
Palms dripping
Eyes watering
How long will it be
When I’m told to perish
Alone as he drifts away
Left with our memories
Filled with regret
Should I confront him?
No of course not
His response could shatter me
I’m terrified
What if he doesn’t feel it
When we combined
Our broken pieces

Better Days

I am blinded by the moon
even more than the sun

I can no longer
bathe in the eerie glow
the giant orb shines
because much like everything else
it reminds me of you
and better days

Remember when
we marveled at its beauty
and discussed tattoos
because the moon
was so beautiful to look at 

Now it’s nothing but a rock
A pebble in my shoe
A giant fucking reminder
of better days
with you

My Serenity

Your pride is the wings
That put souls into flight.
And your eyes are the kind
That cause love at first sight.
Your lips- by all means
Are such beautiful things
And the words they provide
Are my serenity.
Your stride structured tough
And your hands calloused rough
I had months of you dear,
But it wasn’t enough.
The way that you write
-how I’m trying to now-
Makes my heart melt
And I don’t know how.
You are infinite to me
You’re all around.
I suppose only in my head
Because, now
You’re nowhere to be found.